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Monday, April 17, 2023

Sixty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Sixty years after Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, the church’s work and witness for justice continues.

Picture this: The whole New Testament illustrated with 499 line drawings. And they’re free for ministry use.

Science fiction author Cathy McCrumb recommends three new and noteworthy novels.

Behind the story:

From Kate Shellnutt: In the church, we’re eager to celebrate when the Lord is “doing a new thing,” and as a reporter, I find new, first-time, and unique expressions of ministry particularly exciting to cover, to the point that we can overlook the significance of continuing the work of others rather than reinventing it ourselves.

Last week, I attended an event in Atlanta where elder leaders endorsed and blessed the work of the And Campaign, a group carving out a framework around both morality and justice for Black Christians who feel like neither party represents their views. While the movement responds to the hyperpartisanship and sense of division we see in public life today, the leaders were keen to say that the idea of bridging traditional values and moral truth with social justice did not originate with them; it’s something the Black church has done all along. It was significant to have the former generation pass along the mantle and for them to have a time to acknowledge them. In a recent piece about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Warren similarly describes the work of the church as “picking up the mantles left by those who have gone before.”

In other news:

In states where payday loans are not regulated, 77 percent of Christians say it’s a sin to loan money on terms that hurt the borrower.

A missionary to China, who protected thousands during an invasion by Japan, is honored with a historical marker in Illinois.

The number of visitors to England’s cathedrals doubled last year.

For CT readers, there are lots of familiar names in the opinions section of The New York Times these days. Has the “old gray lady” found Jesus?

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