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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

PEACE BE WITH YOU with Fr. Carlos


Not long ago, I was reflecting with a group of people on common things among Christians: life and faith. How our faith in Jesus Christ should illuminate all aspects of our lives, instead of just some things, since Christ is Lord of everything. While we were reflecting together, the idea arose that our greatest desire is happiness. Who does not want to be happy? But how do you become happy? What makes a human being happy? The answer may be as diverse as the interests of each person, but the key to Christian happiness is in the person of Christ. I think that when human beings want happiness, what they want is peace. Perhaps for this reason this is the greeting and wish of the Risen Christ to his disciples: Peace be with you! The peace that Christ offers is not the peace that the world can offer. The peace of Christ is much deeper because it affects the most intimate parts of every human being, there where the longing for the eternal is only cal-med by God. The peace that Christ offers requires effort, it is the result of working in our lives to seek balance, harmony, security, trust, Peace must be the result of properly ordering our priorities. Peace is the result of ordering our loves, and that everything in our lives occupies its rightful place. Within this process of achieving the peace that Christ offers us, it is necessary to make present the power of forgiveness. That's right, forgive those who have hurt us and ask for forgiveness from those who we have hurt. Forgiveness frees us from situations that do not allow us to be free, and without the freedom that forgiveness gives, how can we achieve peace? Let us note that Jesus Christ, by offering his greeting of peace, also offers the Spirit of God and the forgiveness of sins. Today, we also remember the Divine Mercy. Let us approach God with confidence, confess our faults, and let his mercy touch our lives while we make sure that the Spirit of God accompany us on the path of peace, and towards the happiness that only God can offer us.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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