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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

interpretations of the Book of Revelation have created disastrous problems

This North Carolina church used to be multiracial. Then came Jan. 6.
Religion News Service: Chapel Hill Bible Church seemed perfectly positioned to attract a diverse membership. And for many years it did — boasting that 20% of people attending were nonwhite.
Mount of Olives becomes latest target in fight for control of Jerusalem
The Guardian: The Israeli settler movement is making life harder for Jerusalem’s Palestinians and erasing Christian character of holy city.
‘Armageddon’ shows how literal readings of the Bible's end times affect modern times
NPR: Bible scholar Bart Ehrman says interpretations of the Book of Revelation have created disastrous problems — from personal psychological damage to consequences for foreign policy and the environment.
Yeshiva University’s ban on LGBTQ club leads to scrutiny of funding*
The New York Times: A lawmaker asked inspectors to look at millions given to the university, which has argued it is a religious institution, not an educational one, to justify its ban on an LGBTQ club.
Grassroots faith leaders navigate a Northern Ireland in flux
Associated Press: Teenagers from Catholic and Protestant youth groups lit candles on a Belfast street in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust, then listened solemnly to a warning about the dangers of Northern Ireland’s own infamous religious bigotries.

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