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Thursday, March 16, 2023

10 years with Pope Francis

For United Methodists’ top court, 2024 is the new 2020
Religion News Service: Three of the most recent decisions released by the Judicial Council dealt with resolutions that annual and jurisdictional conferences have approved regarding the denomination’s stance on LGBTQ inclusion.
Scripture changed his mind on women in ministry, Rick Warren tells Russell Moore
Baptist News Global: The Great Commission is one of several scriptural reasons Rick Warren believes women are called by God to leadership in the church, he told Russell Moore in a March 8 podcast.
Religion News Service: Since the 1880s, Southern Baptists have argued over the role of women
Americans feel more positive than negative about Jews, mainline Protestants, Catholics
Pew Research Center: Most are neutral toward several groups; but evangelical Christians are viewed negatively, on balance, by non-evangelical Americans.
Catholic watchdog names bishops tied to sex abuse and urges pope to act*
The Washington Post: Prominent researchers of accountability for clergy sexual abuse called on Pope Francis on Wednesday to release the names of bishops investigated by the Vatican since the implementation of 2019 rules that overhauled how the church responds to abuse accusations.
Spanish monastery admits girls to choir for first time in 700-year history
The Guardian: A mixed group will take over duties of the Escolania choir at Montserrat monastery one weekend a month.
Black, evangelical and torn*
The New York Times: With America’s white conservatives increasingly drawn to Christian nationalism, many Black believers feel caught between their faith and the long shadow of history.
Women across Iran are refusing to wear headscarves, in open defiance of the regime
NPR: What began as anger at the hijab law grew into a bigger movement as Iranians said they were fed up with the regime’s corruption, economic mismanagement and oppression of its citizens. Now, a visible minority of women in Iran are refusing to wear headscarves, in defiant protest against the government and all of its policies.
The Museum of the Bible and the politics of interpretation
Religion & Politics: In their new book, biblical scholars Jill Hicks-Keeton and Cavan Concannon look at the ways that the museum reinforces white evangelical interpretations of the Bible.
Nazi orders for Jews to wear a star were hateful, but far from unique – a historian traces the long history of antisemitic badges
The Conversation: Although the yellow badge has come to symbolize Nazi cruelty, it was not an original idea. For many centuries, communities throughout Europe had forced Jewish residents to mark themselves.
Vermont school banned from sporting events after refusal to face trans player*
The Washington Post: The head of Mid Vermont Christian School said competing against the transgender athlete would be unfair and unsafe for its players.
John Paul II abuse claims trigger angry reaction from Poland
Associated Press: After a television report accused the former Pope of covering up clergy sex abuse cases in Poland, the country’s Catholic Church called him “one of the greatest Poles.”
Young people flourish where faith leaders see color
Religion News Service: If you ask young people to leave race at home, you might as well tell them to stay home, too.
Why the pronouns used for God matter
The Conversation: With the Church of England considering gender-neutral language to refer to God, a feminist theologian explains how Christianity has historically recognized many pronouns to refer to the divine.
A Brooklyn pastor talks about his church’s efforts to help migrants
NPR: The Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, pastor of The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd, speaks about local efforts to provide aid to migrants in Brooklyn.
Author and priest Randall Balmer: ‘Sport has eclipsed religion as the US pastime’
The Guardian: In his new book, the scholar examines how religion shaped the history of major sports in North America.
10 years with Pope Francis
National Catholic Reporter: NCR marks 10 years with Pope Francis and his leadership through reports, essays, commentary, events — and even a certain comic strip. It examines the decade past and the years to come for Francis, a pope who seems to redefine for a new generation a special spirit born three generations ago.
A look back at Pope Francis’s legacy as he marks 10 years of papacy
After a dramatic decade in power, Pope Francis faces a Gorbachev dilemma
In ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once,’ a multiverse of absurdity meets intergenerational healing
National Catholic Reporter: The movie, which took home seven Oscars, does not offer a rosy picture of reconciliation, and neither does the story of my own family, writes Flora X. Tang. Yet it is in the messiness of life, in the fleeting moments of joy amidst chaos, in the times we strive towards what seems impossible, that our lives move closer to healing despite insurmountable trauma.
The New York Times: Michelle Yeoh: The crisis that changed my life 8 years ago keeps happening*
Three hate groups drove spike in antisemitism and racist propaganda last year
Baptist News Global: Incidents of racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ propaganda increased substantially in 2022 as major white supremacist groups boosted disinformation campaigns in numerous U.S. states, according to new research by the Anti-Defamation League. Three organizations were behind 93% of the propaganda documented last year.
A Brooklyn pastor talks about his church’s efforts to help migrants
NPR: Governors in some border states have been busing arrivals to their states to large cities on the East Coast. But months into this, some cities are still scrambling to respond, and faith organizations have stepped in. NPR speaks with the Rev. Juan Carlos Ruiz, pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Brooklyn.
Why Delaware’s clergy-penitent privilege law should be repealed*
Delaware Online: No institution in our society, not even a recognized religion, has a significant advantage over governments’ responsibility to protect its children from harm by abuse or neglect, writes the Rev. James E. Connell, a priest of the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee and an advocate for victims and survivors of sexual abuse.

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