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Thursday, February 9, 2023



Last Sunday Gospel, Jesus himself compares his disciples with two elements of daily life: salt and light. Jesus expects us, Christians, to assume the leading role that corresponds to us since we have been blessed with the presence of the Spirit of God and the Gospel. The task is to live the Gospel values in personal life in such a way that the world, seeing us, can see the Gospel.

The first comparison that Jesus presents is with salt. Salt adds flavor to food, helps to preserve food, and was paid for by workers, since its high value made it "currency" to pay "salaries" (hence, the word "salt" originates to the word “salary”).

As Christians, like salt, by living the faith in Jesus Christ, under the guidance of the Gospel, we discover the meaning of a life lived for God. A good life, which finds reasons to be lived with the grace of God, loving our neighbor, forgiving those who offend us, seeking the greatest possible good.

The second comparison will be with Light. Light shines in the dark, light provides security, light shows things, makes them visible, offers warmth.

When Christians are compared to the light, we are invited to shine, to illuminate, to show with our attitudes that we have had an encounter with Jesus Christ, and that He has transformed us into new creatures. Christ has called us, he has chosen us, he has sent us so that the world knows the Good News of God through us.

Brothers and sisters, Christ expects a lot from us, and this world expects a lot from Christians, let us be courageous and confess with our lips and with our works that Jesus Christ is Lord. Amen.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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