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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Joy Davidman's Valentine's Day Love Sonnets to C. S. Lewis


Joy Davidman (18 April 1915 – 13 July 1960) is an unbearably talented and prolific poet, but sadly, her work is seldom arrived at without first passing through C. S. Lewis's memoir of her death. 

Lewis' A Grief Observed is a stunning work, wrought from the heart of emotional upheaval at the loss of his wife. "It's not true that I'm always thinking of H. Work and conversation make that impossible." the novelist described in personal diaries, "But the times when I'm not are perhaps my worst." Lewis's book, published anonymously, was the very first book, the very first post, on The Examined Life. So I, too arrived at Joy Davidman's body of work through Lewis. Nevertheless, I am here; she is textured, complex, demanding, powerful, intelligent, outspoken, and political, and I can see why Lewis mourned her loss acutely. 

Joy Davidman.

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