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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Christian comedian known for her “Hey Jesus” TikToks

Since last year’s launch of “He Gets Us,” Hobby Lobby’s David Green has come forward as one of the funders of the billion-dollar campaign, and the project has invested $20 million in a pair of Super Bowl ads.

As The Chosen’s season three finale reminded us, Jesus performed miracles—and yet still some did not believe.

Christians find themselves caught in a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

A Christian comedian known for her “Hey Jesus” TikToks talks about faith and humor on the latest episode of Viral Jesus.

Behind the story

From Kate Shellnutt: Last month, CT staff writer Emily Belz and our Asia editor Sean Cheng celebrated their first anniversary at Christianity Today. Looking over some of the “year in review” material prepared by our ministry, I realized how many new staff members joined us in 2022—five new global editors atop new designers, reporters, translators, podcast producers, and marketers working to create and share the work of CT. Through their efforts, we drew in a record 6.6 million readers outside the US last year, including 1.3 million reading our content in languages other than English.

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In other news

A St. Louis pastor was carjacked at gunpoint in his church parking lot after a pizza run.

The official Methodist history has been updated with 20 years of debates over sexuality.

Archaeologists in the 1960s claimed these pieces of wood showed paganism persisted underneath the oppression of medieval European Christianity. But maybe they were just shovels?

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