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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cardinal Joseph Zen Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


Germany: There Were Only 48 Candidates to the Priesthood in the Whole Country in 2022


The number of ordained priests also decreased. Up to January 25, 2023, a total of 33 new priests were ordained in the whole country.

A Radical Jew Desecrated a Statue of Christ in a Catholic Church in Jerusalem


This is the fifth incident that has happened in the last few weeks.

Earthquake in Syria: a priest is buried to death. Catholic community hit by earthquake

John Newton

Father Emad Daher was buried alive and it appears that Father Majdi Bonja was also in the building when it collapsed.

Wisconsin parents ask court to affirm their freedom to direct care, education of children


The parents filed a lawsuit in November 2021 against the Kettle Moraine School District to challenge its policy that encourages minor students to change their name and gender pronouns at school without parental consent.

AZ Senate president, House speaker seek to defend pro-life law prohibiting disability discrimination


Abortionists filed suit to kill law that prevents babies from being targeted for death because of a disability.

A Month After His Death, a Postage Stamp is Released in Honour of Benedict XVI


The Republic of Italy will also issue a commemorative postage stamp in honour of Benedict XVI, although further details are yet to be made known.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, Archbishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, Is Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize


Other Hong Kong nominees have spent time in prison for defending human rights.

A three-voice interview back from Africa: Francis and two Protestants on homosexuality, guns, Ukraine and other topics


Interview with journalists on flight back to Rome after joint visit with Anglican leader and Church of Scotland moderator to Congo and South Sudan.

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