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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Evangelizing through Authentic Friendship

Backgrounder: Why is There So Much Christian Persecution in Nigeria? – John Burger at AleteiaEvangelizing through Authentic Friendship – Michael Adams at Word on FireStudy: Marrying Young Without Living Together First Results in Most Durable Marriages – AleteiaAdore Jesus This St. Valentine’s Day – Diana Ragsdale at Catholic StandFacing Declines in People & Money, Seattle Launches Parish Consolidation Push – CruxAn Interview with Jeanne Curcio, Catholic Author & Editor – Light of LoveCardinal Re Horrified by Prospect of Bishop Wilmer Heading C. D. F. – Il Messaggero/C. ConclaveThe New & Glorious English Translation of the Sacrament of Penance – Fr. Allan J. McDonaldPeruvian Bishops Call For Peace as Unrest Continues – F. McDonagh & E. Teague at The TabletKey Papal Ally Says Divisions in the Church Nothing New, can be Healthy – Elise Ann Allen at CruxPriest Found Guilty of Blocking Entrance to Abortion Facility, Faces Prison Time – N. C. RegisterJesuits Ask Fr. M. Rupnik to Stay Close to Rome During Ongoing Preliminary Inquiries – C. W. R.Pavone was Accused of ‘Sexual Misconduct’ before Laicization – The PillarSpanish Priest Calls Out James Martin for Poisoned Doctrine on Homosexuality – N. C. Register

Vatican:On the Road to Hyperpapalism – Martin R. Cejka at The European Conservative

America:Revisiting “Santa Muerte” – Fr. David J. Nix at Pilgrim Priest3 Successful Ways to Fundraise in the New Year – Brice Sokolowski at CatholicFundraiser.net2023 Winter Trend: Faux Fur – Meghan Ashley Styling, Catholic Mōdê BlogN. Y. C. becomes First City in the Nation to Offer Free Abortion Pills – J. P. Mauro

Britannia:Scottish Catholic Magazine – Will Ross Official

Canada:Cardinal Ouellet Denies Second Sexual Abuse Claim from Québec – Tom Heneghan at The Tablet

Saint Blogs:The Bugnolan “Conclave” Begins January 30, 2023 at a Rome Airport Hotel! – Roma Locuta Est

Vocations:Why St. Monica is the Go-To Saint for Modern Dating – Cerith Gardiner at Aleteia

Evangelization:Whitney Houston Sax Player Converts to Catholicism – Bess Twiston Davies at The Tablet

Apologetics:Is the Body of Christ Male or Female? – Unknown Centurion at Catholic StandWhy Would a Priest Refuse to Forgive? – Jimmy Akin at Catholic Answers MagazineDid God Change Saul’s Name To Paul? – Philip Kosloski at Aleteia

Sacred Tradition:Respect for Tradition is Vital if We Want a Culture of Beauty – New Liturgical Movement

Art:How Mary—& a Painting—Inspired ‘O Magnum Mysterium’ – J. P. Mauro at Aleteia

Liturgy:What is the Zairean Rite & What Does It Mean for the Church? – Aleteia

Spirituality:Confidence in the Spiritual Life When We Are Weak – Jacqueline St. Clare at Catholic StandDo The Hard Thing – Rob Marco at Catholic StandNew Beginnings in Christ – Dian Ragsdale at Catholic Stand

Theology:Can Catholics Pray to the Archangel Uriel? Why E. W. T. N. Priest Warns Against It – ChurchPOP

Culture:The #TradWife Movement has Inspired Me to Ask Myself These Questions – Cecilia Pigg/Aleteia

Free Enterprise:It’s Time to Treat Big Tech Like Big Tobacco – W. Bradford Wilcox at I. F. S.

Politics:The Death Cult of Eco-Feminism – Paul Krause at Crisis Magazine

BONUS NEWS LINKS:FŒDVS: The League of Catholic Bloggers – FŒDVSThe Samizdat Herald: Click Quality, Not Bait – The Samizdat Herald

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