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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Church of England’s historic slavery fund – worth £100m

Church of England’s historic slavery fund – worth £100m but how far will it stretch across communities?
The Guardian: Clerical leaders hope for ‘lasting legacy’ to serve places affected by past slavery trade, but fund may spread thinly across all of west Africa and Caribbean.
Cost of new church bathrooms, in post-pandemic era, reaches biblical proportions
Los Angeles Times: Intent on serving the needs of the community, officials set out to build new ADA-compliant bathrooms with enough stalls to meet the needs of a church with a seating capacity of 750 people. Construction estimates for the proposed facilities in early 2020 put the project’s price tag at $600,000.
Jack Hayford, prominent Pentecostal pastor in Southern California, has died
Religion News Service: Hayford authored more than 50 books and composed hundreds of songs, including the widely known ‘Majesty.’
Believing in the future*
Christian Century: Everything I learn about science fills me with spiritual wonder, Yolanda Pierce writes. 
Coups of a feather: The striking similarities between Brazil’s insurrection and Jan 6 may be due to ‘authoritarian learning’
Religion Dispatches: The Big Lie hasn’t only taken hold of the Right in the US, but in Brazil as well.

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