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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Amid polarization in Church, we are called to speak truth with charity

Spanish priest calls out Father James Martin for his ‘poisoned doctrine’ on homosexuality

Father Francisco José Delgado said that “Martin, an American Jesuit, has the habit of speaking out on social media in a scandalous way against the Catholic faith.”
Pope Francis: Amid polarization in Church, we are called to speak truth with charity

Pope Francis has urged Christians to “speak the truth and to do so with charity” amid polarization and divisions within the Church.
Jesuits ask Father Marko Rupnik to stay close to Rome during ‘ongoing preliminary inquiries’

Rupnik has been accused of the sexual, spiritual, and psychological abuse of women from a religious community with which he was formerly connected.
Seattle archdiocese says parishes must merge due to decline in number of Catholics 

“With all of the changes that we’re facing today — globally, culturally and within the Church — it’s very clear the status quo is no longer an option,” Archbishop Paul Etienne said.
Priest found guilty of blocking entrance to abortion clinic, faces prison time

“The defendant attempted to prevent women from accessing their legal right to vital reproductive and pregnancy services,” United States Attorney Breon Peace said.

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