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Thursday, January 5, 2023

A Christian boomer assesses the spiritual legacy of a generation

A three-week long blockade in Armenia stands to disrupt upcoming Orthodox Christmas celebrations in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed enclave.

The US branch of Open Doors International, a group advocating for the persecuted church, has broken away and changed names.

Who’s really keeping up with their “quiet time”? Two-thirds of US churchgoers say they do daily devotions.

A Christian boomer assesses the spiritual legacy of a generation. But it’s not too late to be a force for change.

Behind the story

From Emily Belz: Working in Christian media in New York and D.C., I’ve spent a good bit of time with international religious freedom advocates either at the UN in New York or in Congress and federal agencies in D.C. It’s a small community of staffers working on that issue, partly because religious freedom doesn’t draw in a lot of media attention or excite a lot of donors. But many religious freedom groups hobble through year after year with small budgets and limited staffing.

Open Doors has always been a hugely helpful resource to reporters like me. Because that professional world of religious freedom advocates is small, it’s a big deal when organizational changes happen. That’s why we reported on some of the shifts at Open Doors USA.

In other news

A Cincinnati church held a prayer service for Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills safety who remains in critical condition after collapsing during Monday night’s game.

Southern Baptist missionary to Asia and the wife of an International Missions Board president, Bobbie Rankin has died at 78.

Police in Jerusalem are looking for two men who vandalized an Anglican graveyard.

Smithsonian Magazine goes behind the scenes with a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar armed with biblical research and an iPad pro.

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