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Saturday, January 7, 2023

195 Thousand People Filed Past Benedict XVI’s Body

Catholic Church starts the year with the murder of a priest in Burkina Faso

John Newton and Maria Lozano

A 66-YEAR-OLD priest has been shot dead by terrorists in Burkina Faso.

Pope Francis Explains What Spiritual Accompaniment Is and Why It Is Indispensable for Discernment


The Holy Father’s General Audience on Wednesday, January 4, on spiritual accompaniment and how it helps for discernment

195 Thousand People Filed Past Benedict XVI’s Body During Three Days


On average, some 9,000 people filed past the deceased Pope Emeritus.

Benedict XVI and the transmission of the faith in the digital age


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was not only a fine theologian, but also a skilled communicator throughout his life, employing courage and creativity to engage the challenge of social media and continuing to communicate effectively in his retirement through silence and prayer.

To Whom Are Condolences Offered When a Pope Dies and, Specifically, Benedict XVI?

Jorge Enrique Mújica

Inside the Church, condolences are offered to the “Papal Family.” But, what is the “Papal Family”? And, specifically, what was Benedict XVI’s “Family”?

Ratzinger and a Vision of Politics


Ratzinger both distinguishes what is from what is to come beyond this actual existence, and, at the same time, marks from what is to come what is relevant to this existence.Ratzinger and a Vision of Politics

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