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Friday, December 9, 2022

There’s hope for America

The United Methodist Church is fracturing. According to history, that’s a very bad sign.
Politico: Protestants are splitting up over LGBTQ issues. In the 1840s, it was slavery that opened a rift.
The House passes a bill on gay marriage and religious freedom. There’s hope for America.
NBC News: Each side got protections that might not have been possible without some level of cooperation from the other.
A Virginia restaurant refused to serve a conservative Christian group. Is that legal?
Deseret News: As conflict rages over business owners refusing to serve same-sex couples, one restaurant sparked controversy by turning away a group over its stance on same-sex marriage and abortion.
Israel’s next finance minister brings religion to the front of economic strategy
Reuters: Israel’s incoming far-right finance minister has said his economic strategy will be infused with religious beliefs laid out in the Torah, predicting that this would help the country prosper.
Inside the battle to save the sacred peyote ceremony: ‘We’re in dire straits’
The Guardian: Used in Native religious ceremonies but now adopted by A-list celebrities, the cactus is threatened by land development and over-harvesting.

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