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Monday, December 5, 2022

Non-religious voters wield clout, lean heavily democratic

Popular pastor returns after absence over an ‘inappropriate’ online relationship*
The New York Times: Matt Chandler of the Village Church in suburban Dallas received a standing ovation after his leave, part of a period of turmoil among evangelical churches.
Theological schools report continued drop in master of divinity degrees
Religion News Service: Enrollment at theological schools has remained stable, but the two-year M.A. degree is appealing to more students.
Same-sex marriage fight continues Monday at the Supreme Court with challenge from website designer
CNN: The Supreme Court will revisit the intersection of LGBTQ rights and religious liberty on Monday, when it takes up the case of a graphic designer who seeks to start a website business to celebrate weddings – but does not want to work with same-sex couples.
Non-religious voters wield clout, lean heavily democratic
HuffPost: Voters with no religious affiliation supported Democratic candidates and abortion rights by staggering percentages in the 2022 midterm elections.
Reddit users turn Kanye West’s page into a Holocaust-awareness forum*
The Washington Post: Fans on Reddit have turned against Kanye West, transforming a subreddit dedicated to him into a page promoting Holocaust education within hours of Ye’s most recent antisemitic comments.

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