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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Calls grow to disestablish Church of England

Calls grow to disestablish Church of England as Christians become minority
The Guardian: Role of church in parliament and schools questioned as census shows 5.5m fewer holders of faith in England and Wales.
My evangelical anxiety
Religion & Politics: Demons could be exorcised. But a test of faith, or a spiritual trial, had to be endured for the sake of holiness, Charles Marsh writes.
Pastors say Johnny Hunt, former SBC president accused of abuse, can return to ministry
Religion News Service: Once a beloved SBC pastor and president, Hunt will return to ministry just over seven months after the allegations were made public.
School principals say culture wars made last year ‘rough as hell’
NPR: “Something needs to change or else we will all quit,” says a California principal.
A very long discernment*
Christian Century: Luke is in a maximum security prison. He wants to be an Episcopal priest.

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