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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Archaeologists prepare to open ‘tomb of Jesus’ midwife’ to public

Archaeologists prepare to open ‘tomb of Jesus’ midwife’ to public

Archaeologists have unearthed artifacts from an ancient Jewish burial cave that Christians associate with Salome, who was possibly a midwife at Jesus’ birth.
Threatening messages spray-painted on home of pro-life pregnancy center board member

A Detroit-area pro-life pregnancy center and the home of one of its board members were spray-painted with threatening messages early Saturday morning.
Scottish bishops warn of ‘gender reform’ bill

Scottish bishops have released a statement in opposition to the government’s plans to make it easier for individuals to change how they identify their gender.

Claims of phony Vatican art licensing ‘scheme’ draw strong denials

An Italian publishing house involved in immersive art exhibitions has denied an American attorney’s claim that it is wrongly presenting itself as a broker for licensing the use of Vatican art.
Ukrainian archbishop: ‘Many will sing Christmas carols with our soldiers’

The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church talked with a group of journalists on a recent trip to Kyiv organized by the Polish and Ukrainian embassies to the Holy See.


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