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Monday, November 14, 2022

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill

Younger evangelicals had higher turnout rates in the midterm election than millennial and Gen Xers did at 18 to 25. That makes sense, according to a new study, because Gen Z evangelicals are invested in civic engagement.

Long COVID can be severe enough to alter your lifestyle, church connections, and spiritual rhythms. We heard from sufferers about how the little-understood condition impacts body and soul.

New podcast alert: CT launches The Bulletin, a weekly show to discuss current events and issues in our world. The first episode unpacks the midterm elections, the idea of pandemic amnesty, and the future of Twitter.

The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill concludes as host Mike Cosper returns to Seattle to see the people and places who played a part in the church’s story.

As the Ethiopian war in Tigray ends, Christians note how painful the path to peace and order has been.

CT spoke with the Anglican bishop whose report on Christian persecution has reframed the issue in UK politics.

Pope Francis emphasized ecumenism during a visit to Bahrain.

One of China’s "national treasures" is a monument to an ancient church.

Behind the story

For as long as we’ve been working at Christianity Today, we’ve thought about what it would be like to hit record on some of the conversations we have behind the scenes as we think through the headlines and hot topics we cover each week. We finally have a version of that kind of weekly news podcast with The Bulletin, cohosted by two familiar voices to CT followers: Mike Cosper, the director of podcast and producer of the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, and Russell Moore, our editor in chief. It’s a panel show, so you might hear us from the news team join the discussion from time to time.

Mike has spoken about the show’s focus not just being current events from a Christian perspective but instead with an emphasis on "Christian presence"—how our faith would have us pay attention, respond, and engage with what is happening around us. As he says in the trailer, "We need to understand the times so we can love our neighbors, serve our God, and resist the twin temptations of compromise and culture war."

The Bulletin comes out on Fridays and is available on the CT site, Spotify, and wherever you listen to podcasts.

In other news

Over 4,000 Christians in Nigeria have been killed by terrorists so far this year, according to a new report.

A German evangelical sees the war in Ukraine and the pandemic shifting opportunities for Christian politicians in Europe.

A federal court said the nuns who argued that a natural gas pipeline violated their religious beliefs waited too long to object to the project.

Alumni are rallying around Bob Jones University president Steve Pettit as critics on the school’s board consider ousting him for changes such as gaining accreditation and tax-exempt status.

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