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Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Our saints and their stories

By Celeste Kennel-Shank

Trust is at the core of a leader’s vision — trust that God’s reign of justice, peace and righteousness will come on earth as it is in heaven, writes an author.


By Colin Yuckman

Paul formed many Christian communities without being with them in person.


Q&A with Daniel J. Bernardo

Too often, interim leaders are expected to tread water while an institution searches for a replacement. That’s an important opportunity lost, both for the person and for the organization, says the author of a book on interim leadership in higher education.


By Victoria Atkinson White

‘Balcony time’ can help us recognize what brings joy to our work and how to prioritize it, writes the managing director of grants at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.


By Jane Lyon

At All Saints’ Day, a pastor reflects on the importance of remembering those whose lives inspire us.


By Anthea Butler
Division in the midterm elections reflects a further descent into conspiracy theories, racial and historical panics, and the invocation of spiritual warfare. How will people of faith respond to the white Christian nationalism that has brought us to this point?

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