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Thursday, November 3, 2022

Black faith leaders in Georgia speak out against Herschel Walker

Churches are breaking the law by endorsing in elections, experts say. The IRS looks the other way.
ProPublica: For nearly 70 years, federal law has barred churches from directly involving themselves in political campaigns, but the IRS has largely abdicated its enforcement responsibilities as churches have become more brazen about publicly backing candidates.
Calvin University board votes to keep faculty who disagree with stand on sex
Religion News Service: Many professors at the 146-year-old school no longer hold that sex outside of heterosexual marriage is sinful. The university gave them permission to dissent on that issue.
Christian monastery possibly pre-dating Islam found in UAE
Associated Press: An ancient Christian monastery possibly dating as far back as the years before Islam spread across the Arabian Peninsula has been discovered on an island off the coast of the United Arab Emirates, officials announced Thursday.
Black faith leaders in Georgia speak out against Herschel Walker*
The New York Times: The group has long been a highly influential voice on politics in their communities and played a key role in mobilizing Black voters.
Hillsong founder Brian Houston posts video insisting he is not addicted to alcohol or prescription pills
The Guardian: Pastor quit church in March after being charged with concealing information about alleged child sexual offences committed by his father. He has pleaded not guilty.

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