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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

The many ghosts of the Revised Common Lectionary

United Methodists’ Native American International Caucus calls for end to Columbus Day
Religion News Service: The caucus is asking Congress to approve several bills replacing the federal holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day.
The many ghosts of the Revised Common Lectionary
Sojourners: While there are lots of reasons for not including certain passages, it doesn’t take too long to notice one major pattern: Passages that are uncomfortably violent (or just angry) are frequently left on the cutting room floor, and consequently left out of Sunday worship.
‘Profound shame’: C of E review uncovers 400 new cases of abuse
The Guardian: The inquiry examines records going back to the 1940s and finds a culture of deference, victim-blaming and misogyny.
In graves of a lost Black cemetery, hope for links to family history*
The Washington Post: At a site paved over to make way for Colonial Williamsburg, Black residents seek clues in unearthed graves.
At N.Y.U., students were failing organic chemistry. Who was to blame?*
The New York Times: Maitland Jones Jr., a respected professor, defended his standards. But students started a petition, and the university dismissed him.

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