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Friday, October 7, 2022

The end times are dominating bestseller lists

Even Christians who are Democrats are abandoning the Social Gospel
Religion News Service: Survey data show that church attendance, not party, is more likely to determine how Christians view the kingdom.
Christian charity alone won’t end hunger
Sojourners: Far too many Christians cling to a stubborn belief that individual acts of charity are sufficient to fulfill their obligation to help all those experiencing hunger and poverty.
Moral middle candidates want to save America (but they keep losing)
Christianity Today: Christians concerned about division, disinformation, and democratic norms are straining to reestablish the political center.
Why growing parts of the Christian Right are convinced it’s the apocalypse*
Slate: Even after Dobbs, the end times are dominating bestseller lists.
The Christian God is a queer God*
Christian Century: I cannot begin to imagine anything queerer than the doctrine of the Trinity, Rachel Mann says.

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