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Friday, October 14, 2022

Supreme Court declines to hear case on fetal personhood

Supreme Court declines to hear case on fetal personhood
Axios: The court turned down an appeal by a Catholic group and two women who challenged a state law in Rhode Island that codified abortion rights, deciding to punt on another potentially contentious case.
We can’t overlook Kanye West’s antisemitism even if we’re tired of Ye news
Religion News Service: It’s one thing to recognize commonalities between marginalized groups. But it is something both immoral and threatening to steal an identity, writes Da'Shawn Mosley.
How religion is informing human-centered AI in business
Acceleration Economy Network: Religion is informing AI, largely in part to the “Rome Call” which is the Vatican’s ethics plan to keep a human presence within AI.
If your pastor hasn’t had a pay increase in several years, now is the time to make it right
Baptist News Global: It’s church budget time. Given the rate of inflation, not to mention the challenges of being a pastor right now, it is essential that you give your pastor and staff members compensation increases, writes Mark Wingfield.
The Nap Bishop is spreading the good word: rest*
New York Times: Tricia Hersey, founder of the Nap Ministry, sees rest as a revolutionary way to push back on America’s obsession with productivity at all costs.

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