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Friday, October 7, 2022

Pope Francis to meet Muslim leaders, small Christian community in Bahrain

Order of Malta’s former chancellor writes letter about Pope Francis, calls for unity in time of crisis 

The former grand chancellor of the Order of Malta has written a letter to members calling for unity while also expressing concern over the new constitution promulgated by Pope Francis.
Pope Francis: ‘Saints do not come from a parallel universe’

What does it look like to be a Catholic saint today? A Vatican conference taking place in Rome this week has been discussing just that. 
Pope Francis to meet Muslim leaders, small Christian community in Bahrain

On the first-ever papal visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Pope Francis will close a forum on dialogue, meet with the grand imam of al-Azhar, and pray at a new Catholic cathedral.
Supreme Court to hear case of designer who won’t create websites for same-sex weddings 

Lorie Smith, an artist and small business owner, is challenging a Colorado state law for her right to refuse creative services when they conflict with her religious beliefs.
Details of Kansas investigation into Father James Jackson emerge

A Kansas police detective said that Father James Jackson was the “primary target” in a child pornography investigation run by a local police department, according to a court document in Jackson’s federal case in which he has pleaded not guilty to child pornography charges.

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