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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Lay hands on him during his execution

This month’s CT cover story tells the story of how an 84-year-old British linguist and a failed Nigerian coup changed everything about Bible translation.

A Georgia Christian college offers a deal for Chick-fil-A employees, millennial church attendance is rebounding, and more recent news briefs from around the world.

William Pannell, Jemar Tisby, and Rasool Berry discuss lessons learned from the resilience of “old saints.”

Behind the story

Last year, CT covered the legal fight of John Ramirez, a man on death row in Texas who had been denied the chance for his pastor to be with him and lay hands on him during his execution. Ramirez was granted multiple delays, including by the US Supreme Court, and his death by lethal injection has been scheduled for today.

But unlike the previous dates, this time the state plans to grant Ramirez’s request and allow his pastor, Dana Moore, to lay his hand on his chest as he dies. CNN reports that after years of ministering to him, it would be the first time Moore and Ramirez get to touch.

In other news

Samford University in Alabama restated its decision not to partner with LGBT-affirming ministries.

A Christian postal worker who wouldn’t work on Sundays didn’t win in federal appeals court, but now attorneys general from 17 states are pushing the Supreme Court to hear his case.

A federal court ruled that a mosque in Connecticut has the right to meet in an industrial district without a special permit. Earlier this year, CT spoke with the evangelical who led the fight to defend the religious liberty of Muslims in America.

At least one church in Brazil has started using facial recognition technology in its worship services.

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