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Tuesday, October 18, 2022

India’s religious polarization is seeping into the US diaspora

How Warnock’s church highlights the key to Georgia’s Senate race
Politico: The campaign is focusing on Herschel Walker’s foibles, but strategists note that Warnock also has to “requalify” himself with Black voters.
Behind the numbers: How Southwestern Seminary’s enrollment came to be the lowest it has been since World War II
Baptist News Global: What once was the world’s largest theological seminary now is the fifth largest of the six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries.
Vatican’s mishandling of high-profile abuse cases extends its foremost crisis*
The Washington Post: The church is still closing ranks to protect the reputations of powerful prelates.
India’s religious polarization is seeping into the US diaspora
Associated Press: Clashes in India between Hindu nationalists and minority religious groups, particularly Muslims, have sparked tensions online and in person in the diaspora.
Japanese Prime Minister orders investigation into controversial Unification Church
CNN: Kishida has ordered an investigation into the Unification Church amid a growing scandal tying his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to the controversial religious group.

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