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Thursday, October 20, 2022

‘I’m hoping there will be more queer imams’

When it comes to Halloween, pastors have opinions, according to new survey
Religion News Service: More than 90% of pastors encourage their congregations to observe Oct. 31 in a particular way, but that ranges from avoiding Halloween completely to inviting people to Halloween-adjacent events at their churches.
How religion became more conservative and society more secular: An interview with David Hollinger
Religion & Politics: A few decades back, liberal “mainline” denominations outpaced and overshadowed evangelicals in the contest for control of Christianity’s cultural and political capital. As those denominations went into generational decline, evangelicalism filled the resultant gap.
Native Americans recall torture, hatred at boarding schools
Associated Press: “I thought there was no God, just torture and hatred,” Rosalie Whirlwind Soldier testified during a Saturday event.
Politician, thy name is hypocrite*
The New York Times: The backtracking of politicians on abortion with rape-and-incest exceptions can get pretty creative — or desperate, depending on your perspective.
‘I’m hoping there will be more queer imams’
The Guardian: Muhsin Hendricks, the ‘world’s first gay imam’ wants to help LGBTQ+ Muslims in South Africa reconcile their sexuality with their faith.

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