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Monday, September 26, 2022

The Eucharist teaches us to adore God rather than ourselves

New information puts in question legality of FBI raid on Catholic father of 7

As of Sunday night, an online fund drive had raised more than $126,000 to help the family, far surpassing an initial $30,000 goal.
Pope Francis: The Eucharist teaches us to adore God rather than ourselves

Matera, known as the "city of bread," hosted Italy’s National Eucharist Congress.
The next generation of sacred music? Gregorian Chant album uses new spatial audio feature

The Benedictine Monks of Clear Creek Abbey in Oklahoma have released a new album of Advent melodies that takes advantage of Apple’s new spatial audio feature.
Meet the therapy dog trained by Mercedarian sisters to help the students they serve

Students at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are visited twice a week by Gia, an 8-month-old Bernedoodle.
Pope Francis appeals for the release of kidnapped Catholics in Cameroon

Five Catholic priests, a religious sister, and three lay people were kidnapped in an attack on a Catholic church in Cameroon nine days ago.

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