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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Modeling the future of religion in America

Modeling the future of religion in America
Pew Research Center: If recent trends in religious switching continue, Christians could make up less than half of the U.S. population within a few decades.
Seattle Pacific University leaders are sued for anti-LGBTQ hiring practices
NPR: Students and staff at Seattle Pacific University are taking members of school’s board of trustees to court for refusing to hire individuals in same-sex relationships.
Fuller Theological Seminary names new president
Christianity Today: The seminary’s sixth leader, David Emmanuel Goatley, is an academic, pastor, and missions agency leader rooted in the Black church.
Arson investigation after fire destroys historic LA church
Religion News Service: Authorities are investigating a potential arson after a fire broke out early Sunday morning at the historic Victory Baptist Church in Los Angeles.
U.S. News dropped Columbia’s ranking, but its own methods are now questioned*
The New York Times: After doubt about its data, the university dropped to No. 18 from No. 2. But now many are asking, can the rating system be that easily manipulated?
From shoeboxes to war zones: How Samaritan’s Purse became a $1 billion humanitarian aid powerhouse
Religion News Service: Now one of the largest U.S. nonprofits, its growth has come largely through frontline work in public health crises and natural disasters around the world.
In Hasidic enclaves, failing private schools flush with public money*
The New York Times: New York’s Hasidic Jewish religious schools have benefited from $1 billion in government funding in the last four years but are unaccountable to outside oversight.
Black preacher arrested while watering flowers sues police
Associated Press: A Black pastor who was arrested by white police officers while watering the flowers of a neighbor who was out of town filed a federal lawsuit, alleging the ordeal violated his constitutional rights and caused lingering problems, including emotional distress and anxiety.
This Supreme Court is an effect, not a cause: The hidden century-long funding of the American Right
Religion Dispatches: The hidden history of the funding of the American Right goes back for over a century and is deeply tied to conservative Christian institution building.
How Christianity influenced the development of capitalism in medieval Europe
Lit Hub: In many ways, the story of medieval economic thought begins with the life of the founder of the Franciscan Order, Saint Francis of Assisi.
‘God-denying’ women and self-replacing Christians: How religion changes birthrates
Religion News Service: Religion has become a part of the conversation about declining birthrates.
What church splits can teach us about a dividing America
Christianity Today: As in the past, one can learn about our nation’s political divisions by looking at our religious ones.
What does ‘white Christian nationalism’ even mean, anyway?
Sojourners: Sociologists Samuel L. Perry and Philip Gorski explain Christian nationalism as a constellation of beliefs — that the founding of the United States was “divinely inspired” or that God is invested in the success of the U.S. — that manifest in political goals.
Conversion isn’t a ticket out of white supremacy
Religion & Politics: A closer look at white converts who enter more racially diverse religious communities offers a unique opportunity to understand different manifestations of white supremacy that are not tied exclusively to MAGA supporters.
Can these stones live?*
Christian Century: Some Indigenous traditions suggest that rocks are sentient. What does this mean for how we humans relate to them?

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