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Wednesday, September 7, 2022

‘Honk for Jesus’ provides an uncomfortable reflection of the Black church

When tragedy becomes banal: Why news consumers experience crisis fatigue
The Conversation: Being attentive to realities like war is often painful, and people are not well-equipped to keep a sustained focus on ongoing or traumatic occurrences.
Interfaith work is moving beyond dialogue and entering ... the climate scene?
Deseret News: Interfaith work has been a growing movement since the early 1900s but has really taken off as a popular movement in the late 1990s and early 2000s as organizations have multiplied across the world in a larger effort to cross the divides between religions and social problems like discrimination.
‘Our people are still trapped’: Uyghur exiles demand action on abuses
The Guardian: Campaigners criticize failure of UN report to label China’s crackdown on Muslim minorities as genocide.
‘Honk for Jesus’ provides an uncomfortable reflection of the Black church
Religion News Service: Throughout the film and especially in the final scene, today’s Black church sees itself in all of its conflicting glory.
Kazuo Inamori, Japanese mogul who became Buddhist monk, dies at 90*
The Washington Post: Kazuo Inamori, a self-made mogul in Japan’s postwar boom who portrayed work as an almost spiritual mission as he built powerhouse ceramics and telecommunications companies and then traded his business suits for the robes of a Buddhist monk, died Aug. 24 in Kyoto, Japan.

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