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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting

Churches defend clergy loophole in child sex abuse reporting
Associated Press: In 33 states, clergy are exempt from any laws requiring professionals such as teachers, physicians and psychotherapists to report information about alleged child sexual abuse to police or child welfare officials if the church deems the information privileged.
Survey: Confederate memorials still divide Americans and religion is a big predictor
Religion News Service: Majorities of Protestants, Catholics and Mormons support efforts to preserve Confederate monuments and memorials, a PRRI survey finds.
The Washington Post: Just how racist is the MAGA movement? This survey measures it.*
Bishops push back against recruitment tactics
United Methodist News: United Methodist bishops are pushing back against recruitment tactics being used by some supporters of a new traditionalist breakaway denomination.
Two charged in mid-sermon robbery of bejeweled Brooklyn bishop*
The New York Times: Lamor Whitehead of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries lost chains, rings, watches and jewelry when gunmen invaded a service.
War didn't stop Hasidic pilgrims from gathering in Ukraine for the Jewish new year
NPR: Every fall, thousands of Hasidic Jews from around the world transform a central neighborhood in Uman to celebrate Rosh Hashanah. And this year, despite warnings from their home governments and Ukraine that the country is under invasion and could be dangerous, the festival went on.

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