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Monday, August 1, 2022

Will the Pope’s schedule allow him to slow down?

Post-Canada, will the Pope’s schedule allow him to slow down?
Crux: While this is not the first time Pope Francis has talked about resignation or indicated his willingness to step down from the papacy at some point in the future, it is the first time he’s admitted that his health is imposing limits on his office and the pace at which he does business.

Justin Welby forced to allow Anglican bishops to reject statement on sexuality
The Guardian: The archbishop of Canterbury has been forced to allow Anglican bishops from all over the world the option of rejecting a statement on sexuality when they meet in Canterbury this week for the Lambeth conference.

10K Christians rip Greene's Christian nationalism: 'Betrayal of our faith'
Newsweek: A petition signed by thousands reads: “As her siblings in Christ, we condemn Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene for her repeated abuse and misuse of our faith to seize power, we reject the Christian nationalist claim that America is a Christian nation, and we oppose all efforts to divide Americans and turn back the clock on equal rights.”

LDS-dominated Utah County gets its first-ever Orthodox Christian Church — ‘Utah is a very ripe missionary field’
Salt Lake Tribune: Located in a county dominated by Latter-day Saints, the building — with its iconic onion domes and traditional frescoes — symbolizes the fruits of the faith’s steady growth in the state, according to the pastor of the brand-new parish.

‘The poet laureate of Southern Jewry’ has died. Here’s how I remember him.
The Forward: Journalist Mark Pinsky reflects on the philanthropist and memoirist Eli Evans, who was buried last week: “When we disagreed in the decades that followed, always respectfully, it was most often over the degree to which Southern Jews confronted slavery, Jim Crow segregation and racism generally.”
Religion News Service: Eli Evans, chronicler of Southern Jewish life, laid to rest

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