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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sociologist Rodney Stark has died at 88

Much of the music played by Christian radio stations in Ukraine is Russian-language worship songs. After Ukraine banned broadcasting Russian music this summer, Christian stations have been challenged to find a workaround or become Ukrainian language-only.

One year after the US left Afghanistan, Afghan refugees are rebuilding their lives in the US. But refugees now receive fewer months of support than Vietnamese refugees did–and American Christians are trying to fill the gaps.

A federal appeals court has sided with the Christian Medical and Dental Society and a Catholic hospital system, blocking enforcement of an HHS rule that considered refusal to perform abortions or gender transitions a form of sex discrimination.

Sociologist Rodney Stark has died at 88. The author of The Churching of America and The Rise of Christianity made widely influential arguments that religion is a rational choice, though he himself had “trouble with faith.

A World Vision employee has been sentenced to 12 years prison in Israel.

Pastors should confess their sin. But we don’t need to give them a standing ovation.

When woman enters the Genesis story, the text doesn’t merely refer to her as man’s “helper.” She’s his partner in battle.

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