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Monday, August 29, 2022

Pope Francis' vision is taking root

Rome consistory showed Pope Francis' vision is taking root

The consistory for the creation of 20 new cardinals on Aug. 27 showed that Pope Francis is firmly in control of the global church, and shows no signs of slowing down, writes NCR columnist Michael Sean Winters, who is in Rome for the event. 

"Every curial official with whom I have met has spoken about the synodal process and how it is bringing new vigor to the life of the church," writes Winters. 

Critics of the 2021-2023 process for the Synod of Bishops do not fear it will fail but that it will succeed, he says. "It is clear as day that Pope Francis' vision is taking root."

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More background:

I attended a global meeting of Jesuit educators. Here's what I learned about our global responsibility as Catholics

Amid division within U.S. political, social and religious life — including in the U.S. Catholic Church — it's easy to limit our Catholic experiences to what happens locally. Yet, as Georgetown University student Channing Lee learned from a group of representatives from Jesuit colleges and universities this summer, an alternative vision of what it means to be Catholic is shaped by the responsibility of global citizenship.

At the beginning of August, hundreds of representatives from six regions around the world gathered at Boston College to attend the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU) 2022 assembly. University presidents, provosts and other higher education leaders — including many Jesuits, of course — convened to share ideas on improving Jesuit education for students around the world. 

"Despite the multitude of languages we spoke, we held hands while reciting the Lord's Prayer at Mass, physically affirming our shared beliefs and values," Lee writes. "As young people, we embraced our duty to share such a global outlook with our peers at home and formulated plans for how we could take direct action at our home institutions."

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