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Monday, August 22, 2022

For United Methodists, the center is not holding

For United Methodists, the center is not holding
Religion News Service: Big-tent centrists like Bishop Ken Carter have to face facts and give traditionalists a last push out.
At SPU, a struggle between competing visions of Christianity
Seattle Times: LGBTQ discrimination has been repeatedly rejected by the vast majority of SPU faculty, staff and students. Thus, the conflict is not a conflict between Christianity and secular government; it is a struggle between competing visions of Christianity.
Protesters demand Utah require clergy to report sex abuse
Associated Press: Survivors and faith leaders are demanding Utah change a law that exempts religious leaders from requirements that they report sexual abuse brought to their attention in spiritual confessions.
Companions in the wilderness*
Christian Century: Evolving Faith’s Sarah Bessey and Jeff Chu believe that a person’s deconstruction can’t just be for them.
Morningside Heights gets that much higher*
Curbed: Claremont Hall, now the tallest building on the Heights’ highest point, is designed to fuse at street level with the gray stonework of Union Theological Seminary’s English perpendicular style.

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