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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Reconsidering the origins of the Philistines

Black Baptists gathered at Colonial Williamsburg to bless the burial sites of “those whose names are known only to God” before archaeologists began excavation of a historic church graveyard.

With enrollment declines and readjusted offerings, some are predicting the end of the evangelical seminary—but what are the consequences for pastoral ministry?

Liturgy can be nice, but don’t just pick and choose bits of the Book of Common Prayer without considering the underlying theology.

The latest bonus episode of the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill looks at the struggle to find healing, to restore faith, to feel secure in the aftermath of spiritual trauma. Therapist Aundi Kolber warns about the lasting impact: “What we don’t repair, we repeat.”

Behind the story

From Daniel Silliman: My grandmother once told me we were related to Sir John Franklin, the British explorer who died trying to reach the arctic. We are not. We are related to John Franklin, a British upholster who did not know how to read or write.

Family history is not always reliable. Professional historians are slowly learning, though, that some family stories are true. A lot of African American oral histories, long ignored or dismissed by academics, are being confirmed. We have the story of one of those today at CT, with archaeologists uncovering the bodies buried and forgotten at a historic Black church.

In other news

Britain expanded its definition of adults in “positions of trust” to explicitly criminalize child sexual abuse by religious leaders. In the UK, the age of consent is 16, but the Church of England endorsed the move to bar faith leaders, along with those in other professions, from sexual activity with 16- or 17-year-olds.

The latest victim of “unending attacks on Christians and churches” in Nigeria is a Christian professor who lived near Anglican seminary and was shot by gunmen in the middle of the night last week.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance is looking at changing language in its statement of faith, including removing the term “premillennial.” Back in 2019, the Evangelical Free Church of America also dropped “premillennial” from its statement.

Archaeologists are reconsidering the origins of the Philistines.

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