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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Pope Francis apologizes for harm done to indigenous Canadians

Pope Francis: Christ offers example of reconciliation through suffering

Speaking to a group of Catholics at Sacred Heart parish in Edmonton July 25, Pope Francis reiterated his “shame” and sorrow at the hurt caused by Catholics during the era of Canada’s residential school system, and praised the parish community as “a house for all, open and  inclusive, just as the Church should be.”

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No remains unearthed yet from Canada’s residential school grave sites

No excavation has been done at suspected grave sites at residential schools in Canada. Yet media outlets continue to report incorrectly that the “remains” of hundreds of children have been discovered.

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Wildfires force monks out of Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery in Spain

The monks, who are known for their Gregorian chant, have been taken in by the nuns at a nearby Benedictine monastery.

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University of Michigan medical students walk out on pro-life speaker

Pro-abortion medical students staged a walkout at the University of Michigan’s white coat ceremony Sunday in order to protest the keynote speaker, who is pro-life.

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Pope Francis apologizes for harm done to indigenous Canadians at residential schools

In a speech in rural Canada before a crowd of indigenous Canadian people, Pope Francis publicly apologized for the Catholic Church’s role in running much of Canada’s government-sponsored residential school system.

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