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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Turn to the book of Numbers

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary plans to address its financial downturn by getting back to its urban roots—selling its 50-year-old campus and leasing space in Boston instead.

Thema Bryant is the incoming president of the American Psychological Association. Her expertise in trauma recovery grew out of her upbringing in the Black church—and now she hopes to see more faith communities open to mental health issues.

Ukrainian Christians celebrate their country’s recent win in the Eurovision song contest.

For relevant advice about the challenges of pastoral ministry, turn to the book of Numbers.

From the Globe Issue: A woman rescued from horrific abuse when held captive by ISIS calls on her heavenly Father for the first time.

In other news

Churches in the Buffalo, New York, area are gathering to grieve and coordinating food distribution after last weekend’s shooting left ten people dead and their community without a grocery store.

Archaeologists uncovered an underground city where persecuted Christians and Jews in Turkey may have hid during Roman rule.

An evangelical church in Italy attracted hundreds of visitors by displaying a minor art piece by Andy Warhol.

P. S. - CT is hosting a free webinar today on the legal questions around churches’ political engagement.

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