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Monday, April 25, 2022

Young adults are losing their religion

Orthodox Easter celebration marred by war and division in Ukraine
Al Jazeera: War in Ukraine entered its third month on Sunday – the day that Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter.
The Washington Post:
Photos of religious celebrations amid war in Ukraine*
The slow-moving rift in evangelical Christian higher education
Religion News Service: Christian colleges grapple with their theological traditions, but change will be slow.
How an unknown high school football coach landed in the center of a Supreme Court religious liberty case
ESPN: The 52-year-old finds himself out of coaching and in the midst of a raging legal battle ignited when he insisted on taking a knee at midfield to pray after games, often with students.
A crusade to challenge the 2020 election, blessed by church leaders*
The New York Times: Some evangelical pastors are hosting events dedicated to Trump’s election falsehoods and promoting the cause to their congregations.
Young adults are losing their religion. Are their parents to blame?
Deseret News: Research suggests that religious faith originates in the home, and fathers play a major role in whether it lasts.

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