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Thursday, March 3, 2022

What does the Bible say about prisons?

Court documents show abuse before California church shooting
Associated Press: Investigators were trying to piece together 39-year-old David Mora’s motive and how he got the weapon used in the shooting around 5 p.m. Monday at The Church in Sacramento, a nondenominational Christian place of worship.
What does the Bible say about prisons?
Sojourners: Here are 10 Bible passages that help us wrestle with questions of mass incarceration, criminalization and violence.
A broader definition of the ‘ministerial exception’
Inside Higher Ed: Four conservative Supreme Court justices criticize a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that said a college wasn’t exempt.
Also at stake in Ukraine: the future of two Orthodox churches*
The New York Times: The Russian church hopes to reunite with the independent Ukrainian branch under a single patriarch in Moscow that would allow it to control the holiest sites of Orthodoxy in the Slavic world.
The Didache’s ancient wisdom on baptism lands different in a megadrought*
The Christian Century: Christ’s words on the cross, “I thirst,” reverberate through all creatures suffering inadequate rainfall and water.

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