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Thursday, March 10, 2022

The nun reshaping the role of women inside the Vatican

Episcopal Bishop Curry says ‘more to do’ as poll shows Christians viewed as hypocrites
Religion News Service: The results of a new survey conducted by the Episcopal Church illustrate a disconnect between how Christians and non-Christians view Christianity in the United States.
Cornel West sees a spiritual decay in the culture*
The New Yorker: A conversation with the prominent philosopher about democracy, disagreement, and how to stay upright in a fallen world.
‘Key to white survival’: how Putin has morphed into a far-right savior
The Guardian: The Russian president’s ‘strong man’ image and disdain for liberals has turned him into a hero for white nationalists.
The nun reshaping the role of women inside the Vatican*
The New York Times: Sister Nathalie Becquart will play a prominent role at the Synod of Bishops next year as Pope Francis tries to encourage new voices in the hierarchy.
American journalism’s “racial reckoning” still has lots of reckoning to do
Nieman Lab: The news industry was quick to hire for diversity-focused roles after George Floyd’s murder in 2020 — but sustaining that change has proven slow and challenging.

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