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Saturday, March 5, 2022

Recipes for an eco-friendly Lent

Tevin Williams converted to Catholicism three years ago during the Easter Vigil after attending Mass as a graduate student in Florida.

"Mass was, and still is, a life-changing experience, a space where I learned how to blend the traditions of my childhood and familial faith, including a commitment to a personal relationship with Christ, with the Catholic sacraments I was encountering and receiving," he writes in his first essay for NCR.

"During that vigil three years ago, I internalized that we are baptized and confirmed as part of our commitment to the body of Christ. We are called to be witnesses, in every aspect of our lives, from our families to our work to our neighborhoods."

In his essay, Tevin reflects on his identity as someone who is Black, Catholic and bisexual and invites Catholics to reflect on how to better engage with and serve the Black Catholic community this Lenten season.

Read more of his essay here

New Netflix docuseries 'jeen-yuhs' chronicles Kanye West's belief in God and himself

Emily McFarlan Miller writes about the new Kanye West series, which premiered on Netflix last month. "At its heart, 'jeen-yuhs' tells a story of belief, from West's…belief that the rapper was destined for greatness to West's belief in Jesus, including his celebrated conversion," Miller writes. 

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ICYMI: 8 Catholic indie artists you may have never heard of

Catholic musician Jessica Gerhardt highlights the work of eight Catholic indie artists, including Tara Honda, Kateri, Fascinoma and more. "I wanted to highlight a few incredibly gifted artists who create music that is good, true and beautiful across a number of genres. Some of the music uses Catholic imagery or language in unique and poetic or symbolic ways, while other music doesn't explicitly use any Catholic symbolism, but is still rich with meaning and just dang catchy," Gerhardt writes. 

Read more about these artists here.

ICYMI: Recipes for an eco-friendly Lent

Throughout Lent, every Wednesday and Friday, writer and blogger Elizabeth Varga will highlight plant-based recipes Catholics can use throughout March and early April. This week she shared a recipe for overnight oats and one for red lentil tacos.

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