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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Houses of worship are returning to normal operations

Ketanji Brown Jackson publicly expresses thanks to God but keeps faith history private
Religion News Service: ‘The way that we express our faith is not just through words but by actions,’ said a law school classmate of Ketanji Brown Jackson, Supreme Court justice nominee.
Hillsong’s Brian Houston resigns from megachurch
The Guardian: The resignation comes after internal investigations found Houston engaged in inappropriate conduct ‘of serious concern.’
More houses of worship are returning to normal operations, but in-person attendance is unchanged since fall
Pew Research Center: Churches and other houses of worship increasingly are holding services the way they did before the outbreak began, but there has not been a corresponding rise over the past six months in the share of Americans who are attending in-person services.
Zelensky is a Jewish hero. Some Jews worry the acclaim won’t last.
Religion & Politics: Across the usually fractious American Jewish spectrum, from the Orthodox to the most liberal, Zelensky has been embraced with a kind of familial hug as a charismatic symbol of resolve and courage.
In almost every state, over half of all women of color earn less than a living wage
19th News: In most of the United States, the majority of women of color are still working a low-wage job — a legacy of decades of discriminatory policies that have stymied women’s economic growth.

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