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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The great American clergy shortage is coming

U.S. Supreme Court takes up clash between religion and LGBT rights
Reuters: The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday took up a major new legal fight pitting religious beliefs against LGBT rights, agreeing to hear an evangelical Christian web designer's free speech claim that she cannot be forced to produce websites for same-sex marriages.
U.S. Supreme Court spurns bid for religious opt-out from vaccine rule
As Russian invasion threat looms, charities find it harder to support Ukraine’s Jews
The Times of Israel: As tensions rise on the Ukraine-Russia border, humanitarian organizations warn that elderly and impoverished Ukrainian Jews, including thousands of Holocaust survivors, are facing new challenges as a result of the potential conflict.
The great American clergy shortage is coming
Relevant: Religious groups across the country are currently witnessing its clergy members step down from the pulpit without a replacement ready to take their spot in vast numbers.
Wall Street Journal: Houses of worship face clergy shortage as many resign during pandemic*
The growing problem of clergy scams
Deseret News: Fraudsters are increasingly targeting people of faith. Here’s what worshippers should watch out for.
The parents (who used to come to your church) are not okay
Word & Way: What might bring parents back through the doors? “Being asked to come back. As far as we know, our absence hasn’t been noted, a silence that makes space for us to wonder if anyone misses us.” writes Lauren Graeber. “I’d recommend texting. The parents are not okay and they do not like to answer calls.”
If there’s a war between Russia and Ukraine, it will be a religious war
Religion Dispatches: The sooner those in the West recognize the reality of the region’s religious tension and catch up on the details the better.
Across U.S., $89 million of taxpayer money goes to Christian abortion alternative programs
Religion Unplugged: Evangelicals have used two main strategies to reduce the number of abortions: legislation that restricts access to abortion and ministries — including pregnancy centers — that give women viable alternatives to abortion by providing the resources and support they need.
5 things I’ve learned about planning in-person events during COVID-19*
Fast Company: Event planning is now much more complex than it used to be and requires additional safety measures and flexibility to ensure your gathering doesn’t become a superspreader event.
We need equity and justice in vaccine distribution. The church can help.
Religion News Service: Faith leaders can advocate for better distribution and lower resistance to getting vaccinated.
Jim Wallis is on a mission to make voting rights the religious issue of our time*
The Washington Post: To Wallis, one of modern American Christianity’s most influential progressives, voting rights is the moral cause of the American present.

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