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Monday, February 7, 2022

States of disbelief: Non-believers wrestle with life after religion

The threat to Roe v. Wade is driving a religious movement for reproductive choice*
The Washington Post: Americans who see a religious case for abortion access try to shift the narrative.
States of disbelief: Non-believers wrestle with life after religion
Religion & Politics: The doldrums of isolation — feelings now well known to many in the pandemic era — are especially heavy for anyone shunned by family and friends for choosing to shed their former beliefs.
As workers seek to unionize, some clergy are filling a crucial role
Religion News Service: ‘We can actually put to life our Catholic social teaching regarding work in a real, concrete way,’ said the Rev. Sinclair Oubre.
Duane King, pastor who saw the need for a sign language Bible
Christianity Today: He didn’t know anything about deafness. But he believed the gospel is for everyone.
The dissenters trying to save evangelicalism from itself*
The New York Times: Of course there is a lot of division across many parts of American society. But for evangelicals, who have dedicated their lives to Jesus, the problem is deeper, David Brooks says.

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