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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Mark Price 01.08.2022

Dear Friends,

I have two items I would like to share with you today.

The first
is a thank you to all the churches and people who have reached out in an effort to support and encourage me.

I want to also thank the churches that have requested presentations by me. I very much look forward to seeing you all again in person.

The most popular presentation request has been Embracing Ministry.  We are all called to ministry; what does that mean and how do we embrace ministry in our daily lives.

I am very much looking forward to giving that presentation at retreats and missions. 
If you have any thoughts for presentations or have dates in mind please contact me.  

All that I have been through will only enhance my presentations. In fact, I have developed additional topics for messages which include messages on Embracing Ministry, Faith, Survival and Miracles.   This is in addition to my many other talks and performances.   Click Here.

Please contact me with your thoughts and presentation requests.  

The second thing -
I wanted to make you aware that I was involved in another automobile related incident. I do not know if it is the good Lord saying don't travel in vehicles or if it is an opportunity for my Guardian Angel to get in a lot of overtime. 

I was riding in the backseat of a truck which belongs to a friend of mine. My friend is my age and has MS (multiple sclerosis). He drives a truck that is made with many conversion options so he, with no use of his legs, can drive the truck. It even has a ramp that lifts his wheelchair up and into the driver seat and then back out.

Last Wednesday, February 2, Richie picked me up to go to dinner. As we were driving away from my home, approximately five minutes away, I started to feel heat under my seat. And then I looked down and I saw smoke billowing out from under my seat.

A short time later, literally within seconds, there were flames. I told Richie to please pull over and then I tried to get out of the door on the passenger side backseat but it was locked and would not open.  The electrical system seemed to be compromised. Another friend, who was sitting in the passenger side front seat, could not get out either. The more we were struggling the more the cabin of the truck was filling with black smoke and flames. Finally I think by the grace of God the truck door pushed open.  And I was able to get out and so was my friend who was in the front seat.

I made sure that all were fine and I went back to the truck driver's side to rescue the dog who was in the backseat with me.   Then finally my friend Richie who had managed to push himself out of his wheelchair and was on to the floor of the cab. I pulled him from the cab and onto the street below with his help.  I then dragged him across the street, sadly hurting his back by scraping it on the asphalt, as I pulled him.  We believe that the cause of the fire was an extra battery that was used as part of the modification for the vehicle to function helping my friend with disabilities. 

I am providing a video which will show you just how fast the truck went up in flames. This video was shot by me on my telephone as I was dragging Richie away from the truck. It was literally seconds after getting him out of the truck.  It's important to remember that I am doing this with a broken neck that is still healing and my left hand which is still healing and when I am not supposed to lift more than 20 pounds. Nonetheless, we all three and the dog got out safely. We are suffering a bit from the smoke inhalation. I thank the good Lord for our safety and I thank my guardian angel for never giving up on me. 

You can see the very short video below, click this link.

In addition, I have revamped my website - - it is new and improved.  

The ministry videos are made available at no charge, but Donations are accepted and appreciated.   

I again want to thank you so very much for all of your your love, your prayers, your kindness, and your support. 

Respectfully in Christ, 
Mark Price


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