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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Three more kidnapped missionaries have been freed

Three more kidnapped missionaries have been freed by a violent gang in Haiti.

Jesus wasn’t a woodworker. Why do we keep imagining him as one?

The long-awaited and supersized finale of the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast looks at pastor Mark Driscoll’s legacy, the ongoing trauma of spiritual abuse, and the good and hard things to come out of the church’s conclusion.

A war journalist’s new book about Christianity’s disappearance from its homelands in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, and Gaza combines historic overview, reported accounts, and personal grief.

Today’s Advent reading looks at the sun as a symbol of hope—particularly, the hope of the Son himself.

In other news

A parolee sued the director of a Christian homeless shelter in Denver that required he participate in religious activities to stay there. The director is now challenging an appeals court decision against him.

A Church of Christ-affiliated university is facing closure following falling enrollments.

A 99-year-old Baptist pastor has died in Georgia. One of the first Black men to fight in World War II, before returning to the US and answering a call to ministry, Matthew Southall Brown Sr. is remembered as a “pastors’ pastor.”

The South Korean government is subsidizing Christmas music, paying 1 million won (about $844,000) to offset increased copyright fees and encourage radio stations to be more festive.

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