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Thursday, December 16, 2021

How should I pray for the climate?

Missing papyri professor must return $7 million to Hobby Lobby
Christianity Today: Dirk Obbink has lost a federal lawsuit over the fraudulent sale of Gospel fragments.
There are no African American saints. A lay Catholic group seeks to change that.
Religion News Service: ‘It is embarrassing to many of us that in the church where we worship, there are no United States African American saints recognized by the highest church authorities.’
A case for withdrawing the genre of “Christian fiction”
Literary Hub: Should “Christian fiction” be welcomed into the mainstream? A non-religious reader of the genre makes the case.
To tree, or not to tree? How Jewish-Christian families navigate the ‘December Dilemma’
The Conversation: Figuring out whether to celebrate holidays, and how, is tricky for lots of interfaith families – but thoughtful communication makes a difference.
What Mary didn’t know
Sojourners: Mary comes from a tradition of faithful people in the Bible who honestly question God.
Poll: America growing more secular by the year
Religion News Service: Just 63% of Americans self-identified as Christian this year, a marked drop from 75% a decade ago.
Pew Research Center:
About three-in-ten U.S. adults are now religiously unaffiliated
Associated Press:
What’s your religion? In U.S., a common reply now is “None”
Dave Ramsey fired employee for taking COVID precautions, suit says*
The New York Times: In his complaint, a former employee says the Tennessee radio broadcaster, an evangelical Christian who has built a personal finance empire, violated his religious rights.
Religion News Service: Christian finance expert Dave Ramsey sued for religious discrimination
Mourning after mass shootings isn’t enough – a sociologist argues that society’s messages about masculinity need to change
The Conversation: Years after the Sandy Hook massacre, school shootings are still frequent. Addressing the problem head-on takes more than ‘thoughts and prayers.’
‘She was stuck underneath a wall.’ Pastor describes holding trapped woman's hand at collapsed candle factory
CNN: After a tornado demolished a candle factory in western Kentucky Friday night, the Rev. Stephen Boyken climbed the rubble and heard someone beneath call out.
How should I pray for the climate?*
The Christian Century: I followed COP26 from a distance. Other Christians showed up in Glasgow and asked God to intervene.

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