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Friday, December 10, 2021

Christian doctors are speaking out against euthenasia

Josh Duggar has been convicted of receiving and possessing material that depicts the sexual abuse of children . For Christian victims and advocates following the case, the verdict represents both vindication that he will be punished and grief that his community did not hold him accountable sooner.

Bill Glass was really good at sacking quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns. But his real passion was witnessing for Christ. Glass, who changed the way evangelicals engage sports and prisons, died this week at 86.

The most detailed report yet on evangelical ministry finances during the pandemic found some unexpected bright spots in 2020. For one: despite losing millions when summer programs were cancelled, Christian camps saw the biggest increase in donations across nonprofit sectors.

Born where there was “no room” for him, Jesus’ birth story shows us a Savior who is set apart even in the crowded census multitudes.

In today’s Advent devotional, we look at prophets’ calls to repentance and remember that to follow King Jesus is not simply to be saved by him; it’s to be changed by him. (Click for Saturday and Sunday’s readings as well.)

In other news

White evangelicals are the only religious group where more than half believe there are valid religious reasons for vaccine exemption.

In Portugal, Christian doctors are speaking out against euthenasia.

Archaeologists had dug up the first evidence of crucifixion in ancient England, demonstrating the widespread use of the execution method that killed Jesus.

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