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Friday, November 5, 2021

The need for mentors in a time of transition

Between All Saints’ Day and the International Day of Prayer, this is a week to honor beleaguered believers around the world. Plus: Three rules for advocating for persecuted Christians.

How high a priority is the pro-life cause for Christians? Not as high as it used to be, writes Russell Moore, and that’s a problem.

This week on Quick to Listen, editors Morgan Lee and Daniel Siliman go inside COP26, the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow, and talk to an evangelical acting as an official observer.

As two Chrsitian college presidents take on new roles, a conversation about the need for mentors in a time of transition.

In other news

Dozens of Pentecostal Christians in a village in Central India were accused of trying to convert Hindus, assaulted by a nationalist mob, and detained by police for holding a gathering at a neighbor’s house.

Texas voted in favor of amending its state constitution to protect houses of worship from government restrictions—say, in the event of a pandemic.

Is the next great gospel artist artificial intelligence?

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